Will The Stones Whisper Their Names? African American Cemeteries in Louisa County

The project is a doorway for a community to engage in an effort that will strengthen relationships across racial and generational lines.  We will walk together onto the sacred ground of African-American burial sites.  Preserving these sacred sites by recording them is the first step in honoring the lives of those whose bodies lie in these graves.  The Louisa County Historical Society won Preservation Virginia’s Preservation Pitch Award in October of 2016 to create a GeoForm for collecting data, location and photographs in the field on smartphones and the user guides so that anyone or organization across the Commonwealth can join in the work.

The Louisa County Historical Society

The Louisa County Historical Society is all about recording and preserving the lives of every person who lived within our county’s boundaries.  We have undertaken this particular effort out of our continuing commitment to fill in the missing pages of our history, particularly the story of the people of color who comprised over 60 % of our population until the Great Migration led many families north following World War II.

Please visit our website , our genealogical resource site,  or our online archive.